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Cotton By Nature Pocket Spring Pillow Top Queen Mattress -10 Year Warranty - Australin Made - *Free Delivery

Product Code: Cotton By Nature Pillow Top Queen Mattress
In Stock
Price: $1,699.00$2,499.00

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Quilting:      High Quality Soft Knit Fabric

                       Luxury Quilted with 100% A1 Quality Naomi Valley Cotton from NSW

                                    Australian GrowN

                       48mm 26/60 Super Soft Foam

Top            25mm Dunlop Visco Elastic 52/40

                       25mm Natural Latex (Medium Density)

                       30mm 26/60 Super Soft Foam

Foam Box:  24mm 24/120 foam to close Foam Box 

                       800 gram Cotton Felt Pad 

                       High Density 31/320 6 inch walls all around 

                       5 Zone Pocket Spring (wire gauge 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 1.6mm)

                       • Total Spring Count 620 Independent ant Pocket Coil

                       • 4mm Diameter Oil Tempered Edge Wire for flexibility & longevity of Pocket Springs

Mattress Sizes (approximately)

Double 137cm x 188cm x 34cm

Queen 153cm x 203 cm x 34cm

King 183cm x 203cm x 34cm

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Why a good-quality mattress is important for your sleeping habits

It’s no secret that a good night’s sleep has a wealth of benefits, relating to not only physical health but also mental. If you find yourself lagging like Netflix on a 28.8kbps modem throughout your day, it could very well be due directly to a poor sleeping pattern.

Some of the numerous advantages to having quality sleep include:

  • Less likelihood of succumbing to illnesses
    That’s right. If you are well-rested your immune system is firing on all cylinders which means that when someone sneezes in your face on your commute to work, you’re less likely to become sick as a result.

  • Better/improved cognitive activity
    When we’re lacking z’s, one of the many issues we face is a decrease in our ability to concentrate on things. To add to this, the memories that we have created throughout the day don’t have ample time to form and as such are affected. A good sleep can even allow our brains to conjure up a solution to a problem that went unsolved prior, too.

  • Your mood is affected directly
    Running on too little sleep will lead to feeling groggy, and when mixed with a lower concentration ability and other issues, it often leads to an overall irritable mood. Feeling well rested leaves us energetic and feeling refreshed, which leads to positive mindset and moods.

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