Mattress Warranty Terms

Mattress warranty Periods varies by product. 

Mattress Warranty Conditions 

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the product and provides that in normal use if any part thereof proves to be defective in workmanship or materials (from the date of original purchase until the end of the warranty period), provided the product is used in accordance with the Care Instructions (overleaf), such defective part or product will be repaired or replaced at no charge upon return to Melbourne Mattress Factory

Repair or replacement of defective parts or products is at the discretion of Melbourne Mattress Factory If identical materials are not available at the end of service, Melbourne Mattress Factory may substitute materials of a comparable quality. 

Transport costs will be met by Melbourne Mattress Factory within the first 12 months from original purchase date only if a defect in the product is found.

If goods are returned and no defective part is found, the transport costs will be met by the purchaser.

After the first 12 months from original purchase date, transport costs will be met by the purchaser. Melbourne Mattress Factory. will not accept any responsibility for damage or loss incurred during the transit of the product. 

In the event you suspect a defect with your product, please call  Scott 0418310828 You will need to provide a copy of your purchase receipt prior to any action being taken and have registered your Warranty. 

In some circumstances an inspection by a company representative or its agent may be necessary. In other cases the goods may be required to be returned to Melbourne Mattress Factory for inspection. This will be decided by Melbourne Mattress Factory at their discretion.

  1. This warranty expressly excludes; 
  2. Damage caused by burns, misuse, neglect or accident. 
  3. Normal wear and tear, including normal body impressions (refer to Body Impressions in Care Instructions). 
  4. Goods found in an unsanitary condition. 
  5. Incorrect choice by the purchaser. 
  6. Damage caused by mould or moisture build up. 
  7. Mattress used on a sagging or inadequate base. To support the mattress, for a timber slat base, slats must be no more than 7cm apart and sizes double and above require a centre rail. 
  8. Fabric stains, soiling, burns or fraying caused by rubbing (e.g. on a slat base)
  9. Border wires and spring coils found to be bent due to inappropriate handling, folding, sitting on the mattress edge, standing or jumping on the product. 
  10. Handles (if fitted) that have been used to lift the weight of the mattress.
  11. Minor manufacturing irregularities. 

Care Instructions

These care instructions must be complied with to ensure your new product is covered by this warranty.

Mattress Care

  • Always use a mattress protector to avoid accidental soiling. WARRANTY VOID IF MATTRESS IS STAINED OR DIRTY IN ANY WAY.
  • The slates on the base supporting the mattress must be no more than 7cm apart. We recommend a centre support rail for all slat bases for double sizes and above. 
  • Flexible Slats or ‘Posture Slats’ are not recommended for our mattresses and will void the warranty.
  • It is recommended that a cardboard or other insulating material be placed between the mattress and slat base to prevent damage to the mattress cover.
  • Avoid sitting on the edge of the mattress as this could damage the frame, spring or border.
  • Rotation of the mattress will extend it’s life.
  • This must be done every two weeks for the first three months and monthly thereafter.
  • Double-sided mattresses (comfort layers on both sides) should be turned end to end as well as upside down.
  • Single-sided mattresses (comfort layers on one side only) should be turned end to end only.
  • Handles (if fitted) are only to be used for positioning the mattress. Do not use handles to lift the mattress.
  • If your new mattress is firmer or softer than the one you are replacing, it could take up to 30 days for our body to adjust.
  • Air your mattress periodically.

Base Care

  • When assembling, take care not to damage the thread of the leg/castor or t-nut in the base.
  • Legs and castors should be tightened every 2 months.

General Care

  • Do not let anyone stand or jump on your mattress or base. These products are not designed to take this treatment. This will void your warranty.
  • Do not wash or dry clean your mattress or base, unless otherwise stated on the label of the product.
  • Our products are not flame proof. (Unless the fabric is specifically fire retardant). Do not expose to fire and do not smoke in bed.

 Turning Instructions

  1. Grasp the mattress corners and spin the mattress clockwise, 90 degrees across the base.
  2. Tip the mattress up on its edge. Then roll it over so a new sleeping surface is presented.
  3. Now grasp the mattress corners and rotate the mattress clockwise until the mattress is again aligned with the base.
  4. Your mattress has now been turned end to end and upside down.

Body Impressions

  • Body impressions appear as indentations on the surface of any new mattress where foams and upholstery levels settle. Generally, body impressions are considered normal and are not a structural defect. Body impressions indicate the mattress is performing appropriately, contouring to your body shape for comfort. Rotating your mattress according to the Care Instructions will ensure the mattress has even wear.
  • Whether a body impression qualifies as a product defect or not, is solely determined by Melbourne Mattress Factory. This is measured by removing all bedding covering the mattress and placing a straight edge (such as a broom) across the bed. The gap underneath this is then measured. You may be asked to do this.
  • Generally a height loss that is considered normal is 25-35mm for a non-pillow top mattress and 35-50mm for a pillow top mattress. It is not unusual to see deeper body impressions in pillow top mattresses. The degree of the body impression will depend on the mattress comfort layers and your body shape.