Mattress Sizes

Mattress Sizes MM (approximately)

Single                920mm Width x 1880mm Length

King single       1070mm Width x 2030mm Length

Long Single      920mm Width x 2030mm Length

Double              1370mm Width x 1880mm Length

Queen               1530mm Width x 2030mm Length

King                  1830mm Width x 2030mm Length

Mattress Heights Vary Between Models (100mm to 360mm)

Mattress Sizes Inch (approximately)

Single                36inch   Width x 74inch Length

King single       42inch    Width x 80inch Length

Long Single      36inch   Width x 80inch Length

Double              54inch    Width x 74inch Length

Queen               62inch    Width x 80inch Length

King                  72inch     Width x 80inch Length

Mattress Heights Vary Between Models (4inch to 14inch)

Coil Spring Count (Bonnell Spring)

King Size         465

Queen              390

Double             336

King Single      286

Long Single     234

Single               216

Pocket Spring Count

King Size         780

Queen              660

Double             560

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