Our Mattresses, Bed base and Head Board are made using over 90% Australian Made Materials.

Melbourne Mattress Factory is Australian Owned and Operated Manufacturing Business.

We make Every item on our website in our Factory at Dandenong south.

We Only Sell Direct To Public.  Online or in our Factory Store

Free delivery on Every Item all Melbourne and Surrounding areas.

We Offer Several Payment Options,


All Melbourne Mattress Factory Foams Contain PURIFY anti-microbial. 

PURIFY anti microbial 

by Foamco (TM) is an effective guard against a variety of microbes including 

bacteria, yeasts

, and 

mould fungi




To provide a clean and healthy sleeping environment, Melbourne Mattress Factory use Bekaert fabrics, Bekaert finishes their fabrics incorporating 




 is not only an 


nti-bacterial, anti-microbial

 treatment, but importantly also 

kills dust mites

, one of the major triggers of




Free Delivery To All Melbourne and Surrounding Suburbs.

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We Make Mattresses, Bed Bases and Head Board.

Factory 5 - 124/126 Rodeo Drive

Dandenong South,3175

Factory/Showroom Hours

Monday           10.00am - 4.00pm

Tuesday          10.00am - 4.00pm

Wednesday     10.00am - 4.00pm

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Australian Made Mattresses in Melbourne: Think Globally, Sleep Locally

Proud Aussies prefer Australian made mattresses from Melbourne.

Do you tend to search in Europe, Asia, or the US instead of seeking out what you can find in our own country? In some cases, this tendency is justified: many people see European as a synonym for high quality while associating the US and Asia with inexpensive. This rule does not always apply, however—and mattresses represent one category in particular that completely breaks the mould. The Australian made mattresses at Melbourne Mattress Factory are not only of excellent quality but are also economically priced.

Why Choose Australian Made Mattresses at Melbourne Mattress Factory?

  • 30 years in the furniture industry leave their mark. Based on our extensive history, there is hardly a material or technique we haven't tried and tested.
  • Australian made means genuine manufacturers who pride themselves on producing high quality. The transportation costs of the raw materials are lower, too, affecting our pricing. The environment benefits from Australian made, too, since we leave hardly any carbon footprint.

Find Comfort and Australian Made Style with Melbourne Mattress Factory

You'll be hard-pressed to find a location with a more extensive range of products and services. Here are a few reasons to choose Melbourne Mattress Factory:

  • Whether you have a small but broad bed or one that is narrow but long, we have the mattress that fits it perfectly.
  • Our mattresses are comfortable yet firm, offering complete support wherever needed.
  • Consider our sturdy bed bases in different sizes and colours, optionally with space-saving drawers.
  • Headboards in the colours Charcoal, Raisin, Cream, Black, and Stone Grey are well-attuned to your bedroom's style.
  • We even help remove your used old mattress.

If you want to know more about the raw materials we use and the manufacturers who craft our products, call us on 0418310828 or e-mail us.