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All These Payment Options Available @ Checkout.

1. Free Checkout / Pay on Delivery            

2. Visa / Master card on Delivery.           

3. Eftpos / Paywave on Delivery.                

4. PayPal @ Checkout              

5. Credit Card @ Checkout.
(using PayPal as Secure payment gateway) 

6. ZipPay @ Checkout.         

7. Hmm @ Checkout.             

8. Bank Transfer  @ Checkout. 

Why It Pays to ZipPay Your Mattress in Melbourne

Find out the truth about ZipPay for your next mattress in Melbourne.

At Melbourne Mattress Factory, we aim to provide honest and clear information to help our customers find—and pay for—the perfect mattress for them. Learn how to own your own mattress in Melbourne with help from ZipPay.

How to Own Your Mattress with ZipPay in Melbourne

We believe well-informed clients are equipped to make the most sensible and satisfying mattress purchases of their lives. Here are some of the benefits of choosing ZipPay support for your next purchase from Melbourne Mattress Factory.

  • You don’t need to give up extensive personal details to participate. If you're at least 18 years old and have a valid debit or credit card, there's no reason for ZipPay to pry into your private life. You can enjoy payment support without privacy fears.
  • Worry-free non-payment fees. No “buy now pay later” model comes without costs if you forget or refuse to make the fortnightly payment instalments you owe ZipPay for your mattress in Melbourne. Compared to other payment gateways, many consumers find the ZipPay fee quite reasonable. Stick with your repayment schedule, and you’ll enjoy a stress-free purchase.
  • You can spend as much as you want to. The amount of money you can spend with ZipPay depends on multiple factors. One of these is how long you've been a good repayment customer. If you have prior experience with ZipPay, you may enjoy an increased spending limit so you can upgrade your next mattress investment!
  • Unlock new options. Look at all your Melbourne mattress options ahead of time and make the right choice for you, then use ZipPay to bring these new options within reach. Relying on a payment gateway can help you to make a mattress investment that doesn’t just appeal to you in the short-term but also provides comfort and rest for the long-term.

Use ZipPay for Your Mattress in Melbourne and Make the Most of It

Payment gateways such as ZipPay and Hmm for your mattress in Melbourne are excellent options if you know how to use them. Here are a few benefits of using these platforms.

  • Swift setup. Found the mattress of your dreams in the morning? At night, you'll be sleeping on it instead of dreaming of the day when you’ll be able to upgrade.
  • Integrated. Opt to pay with ZipPay in any store where it's integrated, including an increasing number of online shops. It's easy and widely available.
  • No extras to pay. The price of your mattress is all you pay; only if you happen to forget your repayment will you be confronted with a payment fee.
  • Find repayment security for stress-free investment. You can only have so many things on your mind. Let ZipPay automate the repayments for you. You can also arrange to pay ahead so you won't have to worry about a lengthy repayment window.

Many of the elements regarding acquiring a Mattress with Hmm in Melbourne, or with ZipPay, depend on common sense. For more information about our payment options, don't hesitate to ask Melbourne Mattress Factory. Without financial matters to worry about, you'll sleep on our mattress like a baby.